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We have talked a lot about how we want to raise a family. For us, what’s most important is to build a family around the principles of honesty, communication, and support. These principles will guide us along our parenting journey! It’s very important to us that we spend as much time with your child as possible as we become a family.

“Andy is a gentle teddy bear. His hugs are legendary and make you feel so comforted. He is loyal and kind. He is always thinking of others. He is a real family man. He’s like a gentle giant (since he’s over 6’ tall!). He is very smart and always thinking. He is, without a doubt, my best friend.”- Manny

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Thanksgiving is another special holiday for us. Every year, everyone meets at Manny’s parent’s house. It is so nice to have the house full of kids and adults all running around! There is so much cooking and eating! The kids always get their plates first–it’s our family tradition.

When it’s his turn, Andy’s favorite dish is spinach casserole–he could have 3 helpings of it! Manny loves all the veggie sides and piles up his plate high every year! For sure, both of us are so looking forward to enjoying holidays all year long with a special focus on your child, creating new traditions all along the way.

Our extended families are so excited for our family to be growing, too, and will be coming to spend time with us as we start our family.

Thank heavens for grandparents! It will be a family affair, from the very start.

Manny was born and brought up in Dallas, Texas. He is the youngest of 3 kids. His sister, Irma, is the eldest and then comes his brother, Mo. His parents, Dan & Sonia, have been married for over 51 years!  They are very healthy and still live in the Dallas area. They are already grandparents to 4 adorable grandchildren named Rena, Leah, Rob & Michael. They are VERY excited to be grandparents again when we adopt and are very supportive of our adoption plans.

In fact, one of our very own annual traditions is to host a “Salad Toss Off” – a salad competition party! For over 10 years now, we have hosted this family-friendly party in our home. It is always on the same day: the Sunday-afternoon-before-Thanksgiving. Our friends bring a salad that feeds around 6 people and everyone competes against a different theme each year. Past themes have included everything from “Girl Power” to “Pop Icons” to “World Monuments”.

​At this party, there are kids ranging from babies all the way to young teenagers. For the younger kids, we have face painting and balloon artists. For the older kids, we have lots of games and activities—and snacks like chicken fingers and french fries! It’s a perfectly fun afternoon for both kids and adults alike!

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When we are lucky enough to become fathers, we’re excited to start new family Christmas traditions. We will leave cookies and milk out for Santa. And we will always allow your child to open his or her presents first! For us, there is nothing like the joy of a child during Christmas and we truly understand what a gift your child would be for us. 

For sure, Christmas is a favorite of ours. We love to put up a large tree and host a small “tree-trimming” party with friends who help us decorate the tree. We love it when our friends bring their children to join along in the fun. Manny usually goes up the ladder to decorate the top of the tree – Andy can get a little scared of heights! Christmas morning is a real joy when everyone gathers – kids and parents together in our matching Christmas pajamas.

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We have loved creating a life together in New York City. We own our home in NYC and our beach house. We live in a friendly, diverse neighborhood and have lived in the same neighborhood ever since we met! We are very friendly with our neighbors. There are families and kids all around our neighborhood. It has a nice, safe, bustling atmosphere. And our homes are full of pictures of our friends & family…we can’t wait to add more photos as our family grows!

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Andy loves to travel and play tennis with friends. He’s the cook of the family and enjoys preparing meals for friends on Saturday nights. Some of his favorite dishes to cook are lasagna, enchiladas, and pizza. He has a lot of fun in the kitchen! He generally likes to follow a recipe to make sure he doesn’t mess up!

Andy is the proud only child of single Mom, Carol Ann, who brought him up with the love and support of her extended family, especially Andy’s grandparents, Marilyn & Rod. Andy was raised in South Carolina, where his mother still lives today. After spending time in the South (including for college), Andy moved to New York City, where he met Manny and made a home. From a young age, Andy loved everything about airplanes! He knew that one day he wanted to work in the travel industry – which he accomplished!

Manny went to public schools around the Dallas area for his entire education. He’s always loved to help others and did a lot of volunteering at the local hospital. He is very close to his older sister, Irma. She is married to Martin and they have a daughter, Rena, and a son, Rob. Rena is 16 years old and Rob is 14. Manny was at the hospital when Rena was born! He has always been very close to both of them. He especially loves going shopping and playing outside with both Rena & Rob. He never forgets their birthdays and calls them all the time just to catch up.

Thank you for reading!

We are so grateful that you have taken the time to read this and get to know us better.  We hope that you have enjoyed learning more about our values and the kind of life we hope to offer your child. We are so excited to welcome a new addition into our home.

Please know that with whatever decision you choose to make, we both genuinely wish you comfort, peace and love. We admire your courage and strength, and are very grateful to have met you this way. We hope to learn more about you and, most importantly, your hopes and dreams for your child. 

With Love,
Manny + Andy

If you have any questions at all about the legal process or us, please feel free to contact our attorney, Suzanne. She is very happy to speak with you.

We would be thrilled to learn more about you, your dreams and your aspirations for your child! Please feel free to contact us! 

Andy & Manny yearn to give a baby a wonderful life filled with unconditional love, opportunities galore, NYC home & beach house, excited grandparents, loving cousins, world travel and so much more!



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Manny loves to entertain and bring people together. He finds joy in setting the table for a meal – whether just for him and Andy or for a larger group of friends and family. He believes there is so much to be gained in the world by bringing people together around the table for a meal.

We can’t wait to share all of our favorite interests and activities with your child. We also hope to expose your child to as many different things as possible until they find what interests them the most. Whatever excites them, we will do everything we can to foster their interests.

Oh, we love ALL the holidays. If it’s a holiday, we’re into it. From exchanging Valentines to wearing red, white, and blue every July 4th, we are always up for celebrating a holiday! Also, we never miss a birthday–especially for all the children in our lives. We keep a calendar by our desk that helps us keep track of all their birthdays. We love sending something to each of them to remind them of just how much we love them!

We are literally surrounded by children and we love it! So many of our friends already have children–ranging in ages from newborns all the way up to teenagers. Our friends and family are all so eager for us to become parents to add to the mix! Our nieces and nephews are very close to us!

Manny also has brother named Mo who is married to Ana and they also have a daughter, Leah, and a son, Michael. We feel very close to our niece and nephew. Leah loves to talk about everything happening in our family. And Michael is obsessed with sneakers…so we are usually talking about the latest sneaker! We also enjoy long talks with our sister-in-law, Ana. We especially love it when Leah & Rob come to visit us in New York City. One of our favorite things to do with them is to find different places to try ice cream. One day we went to 4 different places! When we’re together, we can never have enough ice cream!

In terms of work, Manny is a very successful entrepreneur and has built several companies. He loves to start with an idea and see where it can go! Andy is more of a corporate guy and has worked at big brands in both retail and travel. Together, we balance one another with our approach to life and life’s decisions – big and small. We are fortunate that we are successful in our careers and will have the flexibility to take time off and be with your child when the time comes.

Ever since we got together 14 years ago, we knew that we wanted to open our hearts and devote our lives to children one day. We talk about it longingly and lovingly all the time. Sometimes when we are out shopping, we’ll see things for our future child that get us so excited! We will work very hard to make a welcoming home for your child—one that is full of love!

Hello. Our names are Manny & Andy. 

We’re a same-sex couple living in New York, NY. We have been in a loving and committed relationship since January 2008 – for about 14 years! We got married in the Fall of 2014 and recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary.

“Manny is unconditionally generous – always thinking of others and how he can help out. He has a real unique ability to make people smile,  especially me. He is so welcoming and jovial. He is an eternal optimist. He loves people and always looks for (and finds) the best in them. He’s always in my corner, just as I’m in his.”- Andy

Thank you for taking the time to read our story as you make an important decision for your child, your family, and yourself.

As you consider adoption and what might be best for you and your child, we are excited to introduce ourselves and tell you a little more about us, in case we might fit into your plans and your child’s life. We would love and be honored to be considered as adoptive parents of your child. We love children, have always dreamed about becoming fathers and feel more ready than ever.

We would like to acknowledge how brave, strong, and courageous you are as you consider what may be best for your child. We promise you, that should you choose us, we will honor your gift to us every moment of every day. Thank you!

Please call/text us 1-800-552-0045

Please call/text us 1-800-552-0045